Nanocool workshop Taiwan

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

24th February 2016, Taipei (Taiwan)

Nanocool is 42 months European Commission funded project comprising of 12 partners and is looking at ways how to improve indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency by dveloping innovative air conditioning system. The main objective is to develop an energy efficient air conditioning system with temperature and humidity independent controls based on the combination of a Liquid Desiccant Cycle with an adapted conventional air cooling system.

Air conditioning systems that combine cooling of air and dehumidification are generally inefficient. Liquid desiccant systems control these two factors separately, but have a number of issues that have stopped them from penetrating the market. The nanoCOOL project has now created a system that has resolved these issues and is more energy efficient than other solutions, which is why the partners think it is poised to hit the market by storm.



Second dissemination workshop was organized at the demo site in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (installation in swimming pool) in very humid and hot environment where the Liquid desiccant systems prove to work best. NanoCOOL system prototype is fully operational now from November 2015. Energy consumption has been reached at 27% in monitored period against conventional air vapor compressor units. Yearly energy savings are 28% (electric power savings), thermal energy savings are 55% (yearly basis), cost saving range from 2 - 5 000 EUR.

During the workshop webinar was organized and accessed on the following link



First Nanocool dissemination workshop has been organized in Technology Centre ASCR, Prague on 2nd September 2015 by project partner FENIX TNT to promote the project and its results to the wide public and to involve stakeholders from HVAC industry, researchers, universities representatives, public bodies and many others to start an open discussion about the innovation and potential which Nanocool system brings to the market.

The workshop visited 36 people, from which 10 were project partners. The whole day session covered all the topics related to the project - energy planning, research and innovation, Liquid Desiccant System technology, exploitation of the project results, cluster approach, thermal exchange challenges, nanotechnology and open discussion between all the participants. Statistics from the workshop are described below as well as the video sumarizing the day.


Thank you all for participation!


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