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Mark McNay

Published April 3rd 2008
ISBN : 9781847670823
278 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The rhythm changed and the chickens came down faster and faster. Sean found it hard to catch up and they piled like corpses in the rain. As he tried to pick one up another would bounce off the back off his hand. Sometimes their legs, or shorn feet, would dig him right in the finger. It was like when youre in a fight and the guy gets a couple in. (p. 16)Most of Sean OGradys days are depressingly similar. He not only lives in a town he thought he would leave years ago, but he works a mindless, dead-end job in the fresh meat section at the local chicken processing plant. And as if he needed a reminder of the banality of life, the conveyor belt that flanks the wall where he works beats out a hypnotic rhythm thats inescapable:Bum-titty-bum-titty-bum-titty.But it isnt all bad. Fresh is the least of the gag-inducing departments in the plant and Seans uncle Albert works alongside him. Albert and his wife, Jessie, took Sean and his brother Archie in after their mother died, and treated them as if they were their own.Sean hasnt turned out too badly either: he has steady work at the plant, a good woman as his wife, and a fine daughter. But Archie is another matter. He got started as a career criminal early on, with stints in jail for teenage joy rides and small-time drug trafficking. That escalated soon enough and Archie is in prison - again.Or so Sean thinks. One day Sean discovers that Archie is due out that very same day, and he panics. His brother had given him ₤1000 to keep while he was away and Sean has spent the money. Sean is certain that if he cant get Archies money in time, his brother will kill him.And he has good reason tobelieve the worst. Archies best friend and de facto henchman has already made it known that Sean had better be ready to hand over the cash or suffer the consequences. Sean has witnessed his brothers brutality first-hand, which confirms his conviction that any brotherly affection Archie might have for Sean wont stand in the way of him getting his money back - all of it.With the down-at-heel joie de vivre of Roddy Doyle and the wacko plottings of Irvine Welsh, Fresh is a white-knuckle ride through one forgettable day in the life of Sean OGrady. Mark McNays debut will leave you bowled-over and breathless and marks the arrival of a major new talent. From the Hardcover edition.